Gold Spot

Irish Whiskey from the Midleton Distillery

The Spot range of whiskey is produced by Midleton Distillery for the Mitchell family, wine and spirit merchants who commenced trading initially in confectionary in Dublin in 1805. Their dedicated wine business opened in Kildare St, Dublin in 1887. Mitchells are Ireland's sole surviving wine and spirit merchant.

Like many of their Victorian counterparts, Mitchell & Sons bought spirit from the distilleries, kept it under bond and sold it under their own name. To keep track of how long the whiskey had been aged, a dab or “spot” of paint - green, yellow or red - was applied to the cask.

Gold Spot, a single pot still whiskey was released in 2022 to mark the 135th anniversary of Mitchell’s entry into whiskey bonding. It is matured for at least nine years in Bourbon Barrels, Sherry Butts, Bordeaux Wine Casks and Port Pipes.

It is non chill filtered and bottled at 51.4% ABV.