Fercullen Cask Select Opus One

Irish Whiskey from a sourced Distillery

The Powerscourt distillery began distilling in 2018 and is located in Powerscourt Estate in Co. Wicklow. While the estate is owned by the Slazenger Family, the distillery was founded and owned by business partners Gerry Ginty, Ashley Gardiner and subsequently Mike Peirce and son Alex. Noel Sweeney was on hand from the beginning, to oversee the distillation. Through his connections with Cooley distillery, Noel was able to source and blend mature whiskey in order to launch products in the Fercullen range before any whiskey was ready from the Forsyths stills at Powerscourt.

This cask select is the second release of liquid influenced by stout casks seasoned by Opus One Imperial stout by O Brother Brewing in Wicklow. Sourced single grain was filled into 5 seasoned casks in 2022. The whiskey from two were previously released. The remaining three were batched and released in this expression as 13 year old single grain at a cask strength of 56.6% abv after 17 months of a finish. It's a distillery exclusive of 800 bottles.