Okayama Single Malt

Japanese Whisky from the Miyashita Distillery

Kamezo Miyashita and Motosaburo Miyashita are the two brothers from a family steeped in brewing and sake production. It was from this very expertise that they started to produce Japanese Whisky. In 2011, they unveiled their very first whisky: Okayama Single Malt. The distillery takes its water exclusively from Asahikawa Spring, renowned for its pure, crystalline waters and located just a few hundred yards from the distillery.

They use three types of barrels to age their whiskies, including: the extremely rare Mizunara, used Brandy and Sherry casks. [credit: https://maccormaics.ie/japanese-whisky/]

This single malt was matured in ex-brandy casks and bottled at 40% abv.