Togouchi Single Malt

Japanese Whisky from the Sakurao Distillery

Togouchi is a high-end & artisanal Japanese Whisky brand produced by Sakurao Brewery & Distillery, located in Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima prefecture. They started making whisky in 1990 when they created the Togouchi Brand. In 2018, a new distillery was established to meet bigger production needs: the Sakurao Distillery.

They make both malt and grain whiskies, and have made a commitment to have all their whiskies compliant with the new JSLMA Japanese whisky standard. They released their first cask strength range and single malt compliant with the new rules.

They have a unique location for ageing their whiskies – an old railway tunnel, which keeps the whiskies at 14 degrees and slows the maturation. This is where they age the Togouchi branded whiskies. [credit:]

This single malt is matured in ex-bourbon and ex-sherry barrels and bottled at 43% abv.